My Creative To Do List

We all have 10 billion ideas. All the time. But what do we do with them? Most of the time, they are just that, ideas. They are inspiration to draw from and motivation to keep creating. If you are anything like me, you want to do it all at once. NO SLEEP TIL’ CRAFTING! (Thanks Beastie Boys…)

I tend to over-ponder and gaze into the future of my crafting adventures. In those daydreams, I have a brick and mortar store, a client list the size of a small country and more creative freedom than I can stomach.

“Someday” I think, “Someday, I will do this for me”. Guess what? I will. Someday.

This is a goal I always work towards, every move I make is geared towards a future I want. An adventure to look forward to each day. I may not have enough money in the bank now, or ANY CLUE where I want to start this journey, but hey, it’s only Tuesday!

To hold myself accountable and teach myself some discipline I am putting my goals down for all to see. Besides, it would be nice for me to have a priority list to reference when I get lost in the clouds.

  1. Clean out your craft room. You need a place to create and the living room floor isn’t cuttin’ it anymore!
  2. Organize your craft room. Where the hell did that (insert thingamabob and/or skidamarink here) go, will be a phrase of your past!
  3. Craft every day. Make something beautiful!
  4. Use Effie’s Garage!!
  5. Don’t collect pieces, let the pieces find you. Furniture takes up space. I know  you love it, and it would be beautiful with a new coat of paint and some antique hardware, but where will you put it?
  6. Turn your garage into a workspace for larger pieces. Put together a mobile station to bring your paint and tools to your garage for larger pieces or messy pieces.
  7. Learn the tricks of the trade. What are the basic things you need to know to run a successful business? What is step 1?
  8. Save your money. Start a savings account and start with 5% of your paycheck. How bad do you want to create for a living?

I could honestly go on and on. I have so much passion for this and I can’t help but feel like I was meant for something bigger and better than a pile of debt and nothing to show from it. I didn’t get a degree, and I don’t need one.

I am talented, creative and ready to elevate MYSELF to a new level of confidence. 

I have the power to change my life.

I have the ability to make myself successful.

Most importantly, my biggest goal in life is to be the best woman, wife and mother I can be. THIS is going to help me get there. I have an amazing hubby in my life and I can’t imagine where I would be without his unwavering support and belief in me and my ability to create. Dammit Derrick I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

So, starting with number one; Clean your craft room. I am giving myself until the end of April to get this done. May 1st will be the first day in my new and improved craft room!

Here goes nothin!

Wish me luck!

Read soon.



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