Tissue Paper Garland Adventure

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my big brother Josh! You are an amazing big brother. You make the world brighter every day just by being you. I love you!

Tonight’s party went off without a hitch! 

Roasted chicken, taters and asparagus! And cake. Such good cake! I can’t take credit for that though…


Even in our tiny “dining room” this worked! We dragged out all the seating we had and it stuffed the room, but it was cozy! 

Making this garland was quite a task, mostly because our cats are “curious”. It was incredibly easy, just time consuming. 

Start with a crap load of tissue paper, any color you want! Grab some scissors and cut your stack into strips of all different thicknesses. (This giant pack is from Micheal’s and it’s only $8 and I used one folded bunch)

After you cut them all, separate them all into a giant pile on the floor. You could use a table if you aren’t a caveman like me, I suppose.

Then dive in! Grab a couple of handfuls and scrunch away until your pile is sufficiently scrunched! 

DISCLAIMER: Your cats may want to help with this step…but crafters beware…they aren’t as helpful as they’d like to think!

Once your scrunched..cut some string to tie your bundles with. Make sure to leave enough slack to tie the bunches to the garland string. 



Once your all bundled and your huge pile of cat crack is gone, tie all your bundles to the garland string using the slack.


See. Easy. And adorable.

 Add a massive balloon with some junk in it to make it even more festive! 
That’s all there is to it!

Have fun!

Read soon!


P.s seriously, watch out for the the cats… 



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